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Thursday, May 27, 2004

from npr...

alright, so i must admit, i am a hopeless fan of npr (for my canadian friends, npr is national public radio, a news/interesting information radio station). i now listed to it both on the way to and from work, which works out to about an hour and a half a day. ok, so i am a nerd... i admit it! anyway, this little factoid comes to you from there (and from a bit of research done on the internet...eek...maybe i didnt want to admit that;)
archeologists have several theories as to how the inhabitants of easter island built the gigantic stone monoliths along the coastline of their small south pacific island, but one of the prevailing theories is that the people of easter island cut down trees and rolled the monoliths into place. the interesting thing about this theory, is that if the monoliths were rolled into place, the inhabitants deforested thier entire island to accomplish thier task. in deforesting thier island, the highly developed society trapped themselves without an escape. in time the community degressed, eventually turning to such things as canabalism. interesting... they caused their own demise.

anyway, i just thought that was kind of interesting...

onto another little tidbit for the day... these are the things that i have found in the bar towel cart at work:

4 bones (not quite sure what from but guessing they are from ribs... just in case you were wondering they are not of the human type)

a crab claw

several plastic gloves




2 t-shirts (on the has a cat on it with a halo and it says "nobody's purfect)

a rio grand stakehouse uniform

a pair of pants

a pair of shoes (i'm not kidding!)

and a gross chunk of yellow plastic...

well that is about it for today, have a wonderful night!

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Monday, May 24, 2004

rain, rain, and then ,more rain ;)

this morning i woke up to the sound of rain and a garbage truck and then promptly feel back asleep... which was unfortunate becuase my alarm clock also decided to stop working this morning... i woke up again at 7:40 (about an hour and a half later than i was supposed to), looked at the clock and started panicing. no need to fear though... i only ended up being a half an hour late for work and i worked through lunch to make up for it :) hum... other than that the day has been pretty regular... folding and stacking a plenty. i did also buy a new alarm clock... hurray for 5 am tomarow, when i know that my alarm will be ringing nice a loud! a good night to you all! God bless.

and a deep thought from jack handy:
"instead of a trap door, what about a trap window? the guy looks
out it, and if he leans too far, he falls out. wait. i guess that's
like a regular window."

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Saturday, May 22, 2004

mercy rule?

from fifa's website...
on april 8, 2000 tahiti defeated american samoa 18-0 in a continental qualifier
on june 11, 2001 australia defeated american samoa 31-0 in a worldcup qualifier
(i am beggining to feel bad for the american samoa soccer team!)

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Wednesday, May 19, 2004


the day began like any other day, i woke up to my blaring alarm clock, a less then welcome sound at 5 am, and somehow managed to stumble down out of bed. as usual i fought through the early morning traffic created by the other members of the work force, and as usual i overestimated the time it would take to drive to work and arrived at least 15 min early. i walked into the warehouse to the usual smell of laundry detergent and the sound of machines buzzing. i took my position at bar towel table and there it was, were it was always stationed, ten feet away and staring me square in the face. this was my arch nemesis. for many a day my arch nemesis had laughed at me, mocking me and now allowing me to fulfill my necessary duties, but today would be different, today i would not be overtaken! i would claim victory, i would not be defeated… not today! today would be a day of full out battle. the battle began soon after i arrived, when a co-worker called me over to the other side of the bar table. i slowly walked over, making my way carefully, all the while staring down my competition… i knew that i would not give in this time. i rolled up my sleeves, licked my lips and “dove” in, facing my challenge head on. i wrapped the plastic around my hands and lunged in, it was hard and challenging but in a minute i had accomplished my goal, claimed my victory and defeated my arch nemesis, yes i, gayle doornbos, had finally successfully shrink-wrapped a bundle of 6 folded fitted sheets. and with such an accomplishment i let out a resounding huzzah, in my head ;).

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Tuesday, May 18, 2004


hi ho hi ho it's off to work i go...
this is a bar towel... this is what i stack in ten's everyday... i also fold (for those of you who do not know...i am a terrible folder, so i think that it is a cruel joke...just kidding, it is most likely just a way for me to get better at something that i am not so good at) actually the job is not that bad (suprising i know ;) i am enjoying it for the most part. the bonus is that i am getting a brush up on my spanish, because no one that i work with speaks english! i had a most interesting experience the other day when a viatnamese lady told me that a sheet was sucio (dirty in spanish). i just had to laugh because she was talking to me in spanish, not exactly my first langauge, which is by no means her first language... oh well just gotta love those times when different langauges meet!

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Sunday, May 16, 2004


in light of my reliance on spell check... i thought that i would put up something that i found on the web...
Eye Halve a Spelling Chequer
(I Have a Spelling Checker)

Eye halve a spelling chequer
It came with my pea sea
It plainly marques four my revue
Miss steaks eye kin knot sea.

Eye strike a key and type a word
And weight four it two say
Weather eye am wrong oar write
It shows me strait a weigh.

As soon as a mist ache is maid
It nose bee fore two long
And eye can put the error rite
Its rarely ever wrong.

Eye have run this poem threw it
I am shore your please two no
Its letter perfect in it's weigh
My chequer tolled me sew.

...mabey my reliance on spell check is not so much of a good thing ;)

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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

so... here we are six feet away from the pump at the kum and go... (the ramblings of 2am)

disclaimer: i warn all who start reading now… my terribly long absence from this, the blogging world, means that this entry might be extremely long. i also warn you now that i have not had a lot of sleep lately.. keep that in mind J end disclaimer… start blog… on a beautiful wednesday night the adventure began. i drove to calvin college (about 40 min away from my house in the quaintly dutch town of zeeland [pause for a tangent… we just re-did our downtown area and the sidewalk contains engravings of each crest from every province of the netherlands… i spent a good long time marveling at each one… well at least as long as one can marvel at things on the sidewalk when they are on roller blades ;)… and tangent done]. at calvin i picked up my friend amos and we drove to lapeer, michigan to pick up two of my canadian friends, jill and victor, at where else but tim horton’s (that is right tim horton’s is invading the us… i say more power to them! and i hope that they take over fully!). from lapeer it was back to calvin were we found some other friends and headed to denny’s. we thankfully survived the experience with minimal harm to out intestines, but as we said as we were eating food dripping with every sort of grease imaginable “good fellowship is priceless! even if the price you pay is not from your pocketbook but from you stomach.” (and for those of you who do not know denny’s food well.. this is not the type of greasy food that is bad for you but tastes good.. this food is just bad in everyway.) anyway, after denny’s it was back to zeeland again, we arrived at about 2 am. the next morning we headed of to wheaton, il. on the three hour car ride we discovered many important things… including but not limited to… where all the tution money for calvin goes. did you know that they not only pay people to have perspective students stay in their dorms… ie fridays hosts but they also give them free things for hosting these students. two words: volunteers! they could save calvin so much money. we also found out, how air breaks work and thought that it would be cool if trucks actually just hovered, decided that filling the giant rock quarry in Indiana with pudding would both solve world hunger and take a lot of pudding, water does indeed taste like water, i have the smallest bladder in the world (although i did know this before), and when in doubt of what to say, just say something true… it will usually be dumb but at least it is true and usually receives a good hard laugh! we got to wheaton around 2:35 and immediately went to find our friend derek. it was truly wonderful to see him again, but the reunion was short because he had to go to a choir practice, so we went to see the wade center… i got to touch the wardrobe!!!!! and see c.s. lewis and jrr tolkien’s desks… ahhhh…. HOW COOL IS THAT! sad to report though that the wardrobe did not take me to narnia (although that entrance narnia was techniquly closed a while ago) that night derek’s parents took us out to an irish resteraunte/ pub. it was amazing! and by far some of the best food that i have had in a while (i also hear that the bugers were amazing… oh and i must add a thanks to rob here for not holding my vegetarianism against me! thanks!!!!) that night, well not so much sleep happened. we went to dunkin doughnuts were we talked about the theology surround heaven and hell and whether God choses people to go to hell, we continued the discussion in the car but were interrupted when we drove over the median (opps… guess that you aren’t able to turn left out of the dunkin’ doughnuts parking lot ;), but after that slight interruption we were back at it (this time talking about the nephalim and then onto to old earth vs. new earth). when we arrived back at wheaton jill and i had all intentions of going to bed, but instead we stayed up talking with the amy, the girl who had graciously offered her room to us to stay in. at 2 am she asked what exactly reformed meant… lets just say that we didn’t go to sleep for a while! ;) but it was great and tons of fun to stay with her! in the morning amos, jill, victor, and i headed for the world’s largest truck stop, situated right next to I-80 in the middle of knowwhere iowa (although come to think of it… isn’t anywhere in iowa the middle of nowhere or at least the middle of some type of agricultural location filled with plants that are supposed to be knee high by the forth of july (aka. corn). at the world’s largest truck stop, we dropped amos off, and headed back to wheaton. by this time derek had finished three papers and nearly finished packing up his room for the year. that night wheaton had a choir, band, and orchestra concert… amazing is all that can really be said about it! i still have chills from some of the songs! the concert ended at 11 and the four of us immediately hopped in the car and headed for pella iowa (to amos’ house, where amos was already). now this is a 5 hour drive… starting at 11pm. no need to fear though… i was kept awake by some caffinated beverages but even more than that… the five hour theological discussion that derek and i had (joined by jill in parts). it was an amazing conversation… and i decided that one cannot really be tired when they are thinking so hard! i can honestly say that i have never had more fun driving for 5 hours from the hours of 11pm to 4 am. at amos’ house we got some much needed sleep! then in the morning it was off to the tulip time festivities where i ate some great food (mmmmm tulip time food) and saw a canal filled with water that had been died blue (why? don’t know!) i also ran into my best friend from 6th grade who i hadn’t seen since grade 9… how random!!!! it was great to see her though! i got lots of sun and my hair turned blonder (blast!!!). i had tons of fun later on that night when we went to amos’ grandmother’s house. i fulfilled a childhood dream and got to be pitcher for a short time (even it there were only three of us playing), i was sung happy birthday to, and in general just good times hanging out! at about midnight, when most of the world goes to be, we packed up the car, in the middle of an enourmous rainstorm that had some of the coolest lightning in it that i have ever seen, and headed back for chicago. we arrived there at around 6 and dropped off derek. saying goodbye was horrible…. wont see him again until august ;(. from there we drove back up to zeeland and got there just in time to go to church (that is right it is sunday by now ;) skipping ahead a bit to yesterday… i brought jill and victor back to strathroy ontario… once again very very sad! so that was what happened in my absence from this world… there is more, but death by bordom is never anything that i would inflict on people. oh one more thing kilometers driven: 3143.4 miles: 1953.22 hours in car: 32 hours 30 min. time sleeping= not enough!!!!!! but a trip well worth every moment!
thought of the day: God is awesome... praise him for his faithfullness!

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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

on the road again....
after a brief time at home... i am off on another road trip. this time i will not be going east but west. first to wheaton, il and then to pella, iowa where i will enjoy tulip time (an extremly dutch festival! i repeat extremly dutch!). i will be enjoying this road trip with some wonderful friends! i do not know if i will be blogging during the road trip at all (but who knows... i do have a slight addiction to this blogging thing, after all i did blog on choir tour ;)

oh and for those of you who are not around the whole tulip time world (ie holland michigan or pella iowa) and for those of you who do not do the whole flower thing (kind of like me... i have to admit... i do not have a green thumb!) the flowers on the picture are tulips! :) although i am thinking now that i wrote this disclaimer of sorts... pretty much everyone could have figured out that they were tulips... oh well.... i shall just keep this part up... just for fun! :)

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many exciting things have taken place in the corse of this day! first and foremost... i must point out the new link to laura moelker on my sidebar. welcome to the blogging world laura! it is so great to have you here! i look forward to reading your blogs! it makes me happy inside to see people enter the blogging world! i picked up my tour pictures at mejier today... great stuff, but they made me miss the choir entirely to much! i am still lookiing for a scanner to use so that i can send some of them to dan postma to put up on the websight. i also registered to vote. this was a very exciting moment as well, although now comes the process of deciding who to vote for (i will most likly blog on this as i research the canidates ;) so those who dont like politics beware ;). as of right now though, it is kind of a toss up... do i go with someone who is exrtremly liberal but still has some very good aspects (leaving this vague becuase it is 1:30 and i dont want to make this blog to long ;) or do i go with someone who has done some good things but has a bit to much of an imperialist nature in his leadership. questions to ponder. mabey i shall vote for neither the democratic canidate or the republican one... although ralph nadar??? yicks. anyway, even with the responsibility of deciding... i am super excited that i get to vote! anyway, i also made the trek over to calvin college today. i visited some old friends there and that is always a great blessing! well i do wish to go to bed now, so off i go...mmmmmm sleep!!! :)

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Monday, May 03, 2004

after a slight delay... here are the promised additions to my april 22nd blog...

"history, a record of things left behind by past geverations, started in 1815."

"forty centuries later, they arrived in canada. this was the promised land of milk and chocolate. noah's ark came to rest on mt. arafat. david was fictional character in the Bible who fought with Gigamesh while wearing a sling. he pleased the people and saved them from attacks by the philipines."

"during the middle ages everyone was middle aged. people lived in or near the soil. most were kept busy sewing the crops. serfs were dentured and bonded to the ground."

"the hundred years war (1320-1600) was faught over english holidays in france. the kingdom was left weak and venerable from these attacks. royal power was reduced to a small area around the eel of france."

"an angry martin luther nailed ninty-five theocrates to a church door"

"the thirty years war began with the defication of prague."

"in the 18th century such greats as mozart, bach, richardson, roccoco, and baroque cultured the nobles of europe. art was required to show harmony and trafectory. the modern piano replaced the clavical as the instrument of choice.
don giovanni was mozart's opera about don won."

"the automan empire remained the "sick bed of europe" during this time."

"world war 2 became the cold war, because benjamin franklin roosevelt did not trust lenin and stalin. an ironed curtian fell across the haunches of europe."

"the civil rights movement turned the corner with martin luther junior's famous 'if i had a hammer' speech."

well that is about it for now... i guess the rather sad news of the day i that i need to have a root cannal... blast! but on the possitive side of things after my root cannal i will have use of the right side of my mouth again... not to mention i will be able to eat cold things without cringing! :)

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Sunday, May 02, 2004

wow! what an amazing week it has been! choir tour was incredible! 4014 kilometers of travel, several concerts, laughter, and endless amounts of eucher only begin to describe the wonderful trip. (note: this is an approximation... i figured it out from the handy canadian map that i bought somewhere in the middle of nowhere new brunswick, but i am guessing that the figure is close enough... oh and 4014 km is about 2494 miles for those of you who like myself have not really totally gotten used to the whole kilometers thing ;) there are endless stories to be told, for there were so many great times! i had the wonderful privaledge of making many new friends on the trip and growing closer to friends that i already had. and, there was there was the music, and there are no words to describe the music. it was incredible and that is all that i can say. how marvelous it was to worship God in incredible churches with extraordinary music. the passion that the choir showed me for both God and the music taught me so many things. so choir... if you any of you are reading this... thank you again for your passion and willingness to live for God with all of yourselves! the impact you make is more than you know! as i was wondering around the blogging world today i noticed that dan postma had the doxology as his entry today. so dan i hope that you dont mind but i would also like to put it up... for it just seems to sum up so much of what has happened in the past week/year/lifetime

praise God from whom all blessings flow
praise Him all creatures here below
praise Him above all ye heavenly host
praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
quote of the day: beati quorum via integra est: qui ambulant in lege domini. ("blessed are they whose way is pure;
who walk in the law of the Lord."
just a note about this: i missed singing this song like mad today (amazing what happens when you sing a song at least 20 times a day and then all of a sudden you dont get to [well i did but the alto part just doesnt sound the same without the other parts singing with you ;)

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