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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

on the road again :)

tomorrow i embark on yet another trip to the east coast... i thought it would be fun to make links for the activities i will be partaking in... (woot for interactive posts)

i will be going here

to listen to this

which will be SO FUN! and interesting.

...three cheers for...

thanks to:
-wikipedia for most of the links

side note: this post may or may not outdo my last one in terms of nerdiness... i'm beginning to realize how good a year off will be for me :P

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

nerdy moments of the day

today i came to the realization that i have reached another stage of nerdyness... kind of like when you reach the next level of karate, except in nerd levels parsing verbs and reading books does not impress people like being able to to declare yourself a lethal weapon (which i have heard is something you must do if you get good enough at the martial arts)

-anyway, i spent most of the day in the library and enjoyed it (particularly when i got to cite a book from 1888... the custance collection room can be a very fun place to find old books).

-stormed mill (mac's library) with the rest of the library nerds who needed to get those last books out before it closed at 6:00pm on a saturday night.

-i am drooling over this: new software from logos

i suppose the fantastic news in all of this is (a) i can keep my name "wandering nerd" and feel alright about it and (b) the thousands of hours i will spend in the library between now and april 26th will not be entirely unbearable. woot :)

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Monday, March 19, 2007

smoerman decides to goes out

one fateful day... smoerman, a small town girl from southwestern ontario, decided that she should end the boycott of restaurants she had held to since child birth. her friends had been encouraging her to take such a step as her only reason for not going to a restaurant was that they seemed to be somewhat scary because you did not get to make your own food. her friends kept telling her that was the whole point! you get to have food made for you and cleaned up after you. smoerman had been contemplating these words one day after choir rehersal and felt to tired from singing in german to cook for herself. she heard the words of her trusted friends in her head, and she decided tonight would be the night to try and god out. while she was not entirely certain of the procedure for such a venture... she figured it was important to be clean so...
she took a shower

after her shower, smoerman was having sever anxiety about her decision. should she really go to the scary restaurant? should she leave the comforts of home? in an effort to calm herself down, she went into her big girl kitchen to find solace in her favourite places there.
she climbed into the cupboard and contemplated life for a while and then into the oven (her favorite thinking spot) to agonizingly make a final decision. sarah thought and thought, should she leave the comfort of her home and bravely go to the place she had never gone before. finally she made her decision. SHE WOULD GO EAT FOOD IN A DIFFERENT PLACE!

sarah put on her traveling hat (for while she had never gone to a restaurant, she had traveled before... and whenever she traveled she had to wear her traveling hat)

she also grabbed her seat cushion... you never know what could be on the seats at restuarants! smoerman wanted protection.

finally, smoeman put on her favourite shirt. she knew that she wanted to look nice for this monumental occasion.

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smoerman goes to jacks

she decided to go to jack asters. she got in her car and traveled there.

when she arrived she was in awe... and not only that... she saw that her trusted and wonderful friend lstew was also going out for dinner! they celebrated seeing each other.

it was a good thing that lstew was there because smoeman thought the thing the hostess gives you to inform you when your table is ready was food. and lstew found her just as she was going to take her first bite.

because she almost accidentally ate the plastic round thing... smoerman became a bit anxouis....maybe this was not for her... she went outside to relieve some stress... who knew!?

auntie schnapps (lstew) joined her

finally they sat down and smoerman was overwheled by the amount of food choices.

when the waitress came, smoerman realized that it was her long lost cousin! they were both shocked to see each other! much catching up ensued... wow... restraints were starting to become a little better!

smoerman ordered and soon the drink orders came. she got her drink and was so excited about the straw that she decided it would be fun to drink it through her nose

lstew quickly corrected her about edicate in public

while they were waiting for their food, smoerman began to get impatient... what was this waiting business. she was frustrated becuase they were stuck in the booth with nothing to do but wait longingly for the food they had just ordered. she was again a bit skeptical about the whole restaurant thing. suddenly she remembered that in her purse were lots of fun things to pull out and use to entertain themselves while they were waiting:
handle-bar mustache time!

sporting wear :)

she also demonstrated her black-eye making kit

opps... this one was not planned, smoeman quickly grabbed a near by napkin and fixed the problem

lstew also shared in smoerman's joy and awe when the food came

smoerman order delicious chicken strips! they were SOO GOOD!

she also decided that she would order dessert. oh my goodness it was tasty

the bill however, was not as tasty or good... smoerman felt as many do when they recieve a restaurant bill:

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we love you smoerman!

the day was done, the boycott ended, smoerman wasnt sure that she would go again... the food was good but the bill was a bit much... however, she did in the end, know she was loved.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

what... an update?

in an ill-fated post a proclaimed a blogging break while in connecticut for a missions conference. however, that blogging break (barring one entry concerning a taize event) has lasted a great deal longer then expected. apologies all around to anyone who still checks this blog... here are many of the things i thought about posting about during my undeniably negligent blogging over the last 2 months:

1. scatterbrained errors on regular days
2. why winter in ontario lasts too long... but how snowstorms are extremely fun (except for when friends go sledding on the snow fun storms produce and break things.)
3. how my location of face in book has increased greatly over the past semester... and how i cant wait to do a pages read and written count at the end of the semester
4. why i like the book of genesis
5. why i like the pentatuech
6. how my spelling has continued to not improve...
7. my trip to connecticut
8. choir tour.
9. how technology is not my friend and the ill-fated two week killing spree of computers i had
10. how facebook has taken over the world...

...hoping really hard to blog again before 2 months is over...

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