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Thursday, January 27, 2005

the small joys of morning

i have never really been a morning person... but there are two things that i really really enjoy about morning (both relating to the eating of breakfast). the first is melted peanut butter on toast... mmmmm...so good... so cool to watch it melt! the other thing is how watching the milk mix in with the coffee/tea... also super cool!
anyway, that said, i'm off to gr for the weekend for calvin's worship symposium should be a blast!

oh and an update on my brother- he is going to the nerosurgen tomorrow... we will know much more after that.

have a wonderful weekend!

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Saturday, January 22, 2005

prayer request...

my brother, chris, has been having a lot of problems with dizzyness and not being able to go down stairs without being incredibly freaked out. he recently had a mri to see if they could find out what was going on and they found two things. one is an abnormality at the base of his brain (not really a good thing to have!) and the other is a thing called a syrinx. Syringomyleia (syrinx) is basically damage to the spinalal cord caused by a fluid-filled cavity within the cord. at the moment my brother's mri results are being sent to the nerosurgen and he will be having an app. to see if surgery is nessisary to drain the syrinx (and if does have to happen, he will most likely have to go to ohio to get the surgery done). i would appreciate prayer for him, that would be most wonderful! thank you!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

in memory of white bread and processed cheese...

the other day i opened the fridge to find not only beaver... which to clear up all confussion from the comments on the last post...i did not eat! but some cheese nicely cut in a square and packaged up in a significant amount of plastic. the sight immediatly brought me back to childhood and the days when i used to eat two or three of these yummy little squares of packaged chesse at a time. so in the midst of my fond memories i decided to pull the plastic open (which still is really quite fun) and pop that morsel of pure processed goodness into my mouth... upon doing this my tastebuds screamed... for they were brought back to an earlier day, a day in which they expereionced this taste/texture nearly every day, BUT unlike those days of old they did not like it so much anymore. in fact the cried, "what in the world are you making us taste... this tastes like plastic!" it seemed as if the plastic packaging and the thing packaged did not have that great of a difference in terms of ingrediants. i never thought the day would come when i would not enjoy the wonders of processed cheese... but yet here i am... also lamenting the fact that i no longer enjoy white bread. mmm... the days when i used to squish it up into little sqaures and think that it was the best thing in the world. and then roll up the crusts pretending like the small rolls were cinnamon rolls...mmmm mmmm. and so here is to the memory of food that used to be wonderfully good... and now are not so much in that catagory anymore (although new and better foods have seemed to take their place... and thank goodness that ice cream is still so wonderfully good! :). i will remember the days of white bread and processed cheese with fondness... but not attempt to re-live them again anytime soon. ;)

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Friday, January 14, 2005

there's a beaver cooking in my oven

one of the incredible joys of having a roommate from northern michigan is the unique foods that are braught into the dorm from time to time. at the present moment there is a beaver being cooked in the oven (being as this is being placed on the world wide web... the beaver kimber obtained in michigan suprisingly made it with her to canada... the legistics of such an operation will not be revealed here) and so beaver, venison, black bear... deer heart... etc have all taken up a home in our freezer. anyway... in the midst of writing this blog the beaver has made its way from the oven to plates to the mouths of my dormmates- they say it tastes like roast beef... anyone out there tried beaver before and want to verify this?

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Sunday, January 09, 2005

a grand island twilight zone (cue the music now...)

on today's episode of the twilight zone: road trip to buffalo new york-

today timmy, jo, dutsin, and i took the paralous journey over about 5 bridges and an international crossing (side note (which at this point could also be considered a commercial break): which gets interesting when you have 1 canadain 3 americans 2 of which live in michigan and the other lives in sioux falls, south dakota... it's fun trying to describe how you all know eachother and why exactly you were in canada) and now back to the regularly schuedualed program: we took the trip to drop dustin off at the airport to go home... for it had reached the altogether unfortunate time when someone who is visiting has to go home! and in this case... as with almost all visits... the time to say goodbye came all to quickly! anyway, dropping dustin off went smoothly but after that things got interesting. navigating the buffalo interstate system was an interesting indever involving figuring out that 3 yes 3 interstates lead to the same place (but before figuring this out, we thought that we were headed to albany... not really right direction ;) anyway, after that small adventure, my bladder was nearing the bursting stage. so upon entering grand island (which is actually an island... and if heading in the buffalo direction... you too can go on this island for a mear 50 cent bridge crossing charge... but you may never ever want to really do this for reasons coming later)... anyway, we spotted a tims and a wendy's but about three seconds to late missing the "a" exit abd so we took the "b" exit... assuming we could turn around somewhere... but no dice... the tims was across the median and we were heading the other direction. after traversing the island twice, we finally found a mcdonlds and pulled in. when we went into the mcdonalds something seemed a bit ary... it could have been the winter night affect that casets hazzy shadow... but there were also many kids meals just setting on the table to be eaten but no kids. there was also some sort of deal going on at the front desk... a deal made with a scary lack of talking. there was a random women running around grabbing cookies.... and a very scary mcdonalds worker... who instead of grabing timmy's meal, made a meal for himself and sat down and procedeed to eat it while surrounded b=y an inflatible viking hat and happy meals. anyway, timmy finally got his chicken sandwich and we hightaled it out of the mcdonalds strait from the twilight zone. we got back on the interstate (which again took some work) and passed another place that looked kind of scary... the fantasy island theme park... not so sure i would want to visit. we escaped the island and made it safty back to the mainland then saftly back to canada... the rest of the trip being fairly uneventful.

on a totally different topic... yesterday i woke up trying to trade wood with myself in my brain... i think i need to start cutting back on the amount of settlers of catan that i have been playing ;)

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Friday, January 07, 2005

so exciting!

one of the things that makes me quite excited is when new bloggers enter into the blogging world... i love it! :) :) smiles all around
welcome lisa bierma my west michigan cohort
and dustin vander haar my fyf friend
links have been added (part of the on going process of updating my sidebar :)

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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

slightly incoherent...

in light of my 5 hours of sleep (i know, still quite a bit, but i prefer around 7 or 8... which doesnt really happen) and insane amount of hours in classes today... i am a bit tired... but none the less i am quite happy to be back at good old ruc :). christmas was a good time of relaxing, but i missed life around here and wandering around the hallways during the day ;) besides that... i have hit one of my favourite parts of the semester... the part were i can still kind of pretend that i dont have that much work to do ;) sylibi tell of the looming assignments to come, but at this point (first day back) i dont really have to worry about them yet ;) plus i am supper excited about my classes this sememster, they look like they will be incredibly interesting. anyway, i should be off to my next class... until next time: this is gayle signing off... off to history land ;)

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