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Monday, April 25, 2005

wow... a month...

so since my blog might be taken over by olga the kitten... i think that it is indeed time for an update :). also i promised felix yesterday that i would update when the internet came back up and so i thought that i should keep that promise. anyway, in my hiatus (which was unintentional but apparently lasted for a month...opps) i have thought of many topics that i really should have blogged about... so here they are:
blessings: i have been the recipient of so many blessings in the last month, friends, family, and school have all been incredible. i have been awed by the grace and faithfulness of God, and continually amazed by his teachings.
classes: along with the theme of blessings... although i complain a lot about them, i really have loved my classes this semester... a few in particular have brought me to a deeper knowlegde and love for God, along with the realization that he is even bigger than i could have ever imagined!
redeemer continually seeks to live out its teaching: i have found that various aspects of redeemer's campus are actually a handy illustration of the already but not yet principal:
-the bus shelter is already put in place to serve as a place to rest and wait for the bus, but the bus does not yet actually pass by the bus stop and therefore it is not yet useful. and recent developements (the smashing of one of the glass panals) have rendered, in one person's words, the bus shelter "even more useless." a minor setback indeed, but the coming fulfilment of the kingdom does not come without setbacks.
-the path behind the volleyball court comes in handy during those muddy months of march and april, but the path is not yet finished and therefore students find themselves having to track through the mud to reach the other pathway leading to augustin hall.
-augustine hall itself also demonstates the way in which redeemer has succesfully merged its teaching with the different aspects of its campus. when students ask the question "why is augustine hall facing backwards?" the answer is of course "because the bigger plan." yes one day there might be more buildings like just like augustine hall and thus augustine hall will no longer face into an oblivion (or more correctly stated... the back fourty.)
-within the townhouses aspects of the already but not yet can also be seen: the studs are already in the walls, but students have not yet been able to find them; the walls themselves are up, but they are not yet straight; and when various students make their home in these dorms there are always a few dishes are already in the drying rack, but the rest of them are not yet clean.
-of course who could forget about the valuble lesson taught by the redeemer network? for there are evidences that there is indeed an internet and students catch glipses of such a thing, but the network only gives out a small taste of what the internet will one day be- fully functioning...

anyway, these are just a beginning, more examples can be seen of redeemer seeking to indwell its teaching in every aspect of the campus.

and as for me... i must be off, 3 exams in the next three days and my books are calling (yuck)... but i hope that i can regain control of my blog despit threats from olga the smoking kitten :)

a blessed and wonderful day to all! :)

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