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Saturday, September 25, 2004

my brother scored a goal!!!!

my family called today (always a nice thing!) and they told me that my brother scored a goal in his game today. so being the proud sister that i am, i have been smiling ever since they told me! anyway, here is a picture of him in his uniform :)

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Sunday, September 19, 2004

sometimes i feel a bit like this

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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

the chronicals of one who is trying to be neat and why augustine hall should have key cards!

in recent months i have come to realize how much i am organizationally challenged. to those who have lived with me, or even those who have made a short trip into my room... you know that my room is usually close to being declaired a disastor area. it has been a struggle i tell you, not really a struggle to keep it clean or even to keep it messy (alright that has never been a struggle... messyness is something intate in me... dont know why, but i seem to be able to mess up an area in about 3 seconds and cleaning up this three second mess takes me a good 3 hours), but more of a struggle to care about the mess that i am creating. i see the mess, oh yes i do indeed, but there is something within me that does not seem to care about the mess that i am seeing. BUT as it is not the best way to go about things... and for sure not the nicest thing for my roommate... i have decided to try and turn myself into a neat person. maybe not into the catagory of "neat freak", but at least into the catagory of one whose room does not look like a tornado went through it... and so the task begins... and lets see how long i can actually keep this up! hopefully i will be able to keep it up :) anyway, in other news... i have definitly decided that redeemer should invest in magnetic key cards for at least the door to enter into the apartment area. this came to me when it took me about 5 min. to get my key to work in the door and then i ended up having to get buzzed in... on second thought... maybe i should just learn how to use a key!

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Monday, September 13, 2004

i cant breath!

yuck that is all i have to say about colds! anyway, other than the scratchyness (is that a word?) of my throat and the stuffyness (again... is that a word?... good thing i'm in english 201!) of my nose, things are going pretty well. anyway, i think that one of the best things ever are ballons. i like ballons a lot, and they have the ability to entertain you for hours! also... to all the choir type folks out there... how excited am i that choir started up again today, granted i think that i could have passed for a tenor with the low rumble of my voice (not that tenors really have that low of a rumble, and by that i mean no offence whatsoever!) but anyway, i am super excited for this year in choir and definitly excited aobut the new people... if that is you and you happen to pass by this site, welcome!

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Wednesday, September 08, 2004


so my blog site has taken about 5 tries and about 20 min to come up, but finally here i am... able to update (yes i think that i am still a tad bit addicted to this whole thing... i feel the overwhelming need to update because of the lack of it since the 5th... which wasnt really all that long ago ;) anyway, things are going well over here in redeemer land. i got all of my stuff moved in and found both my floor and my bed in the process (the floor not always the most important thing to find, but my bed was definitly one of those things that i really like to not have piled with insane amouts of stuff!) i also put up some stuff on my walls... although i still have one wall that is a blazing white... so if anyone has any sugestions with what i could put onto this wall, just let me know ;) oh and the most exciting news ever... i dont have to try out for choir again! i am really really excited about this, because auditions are so incredibly nervracking! anyway, off to learn the greek alphabet ;) that class might kill me but i am so excited about it ;)

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Sunday, September 05, 2004

back into the land of smarties...

and by that i mean those little chocolate candies that are like m and m's but not quite ;) anyway, the other night we were at kelsey's (a restaurant in canada for my american friends ;) and my brother got ice cream with his dinner. thewaitress proceeded to ask him if he wanted oreos or smarties on his icecream... to which my parents immediatly chimed in, "he'll have oreos!" i was a bit off in lala land at this point and tuned in about 45 seconds later when my parents were still discussing what smarties would taste like on ice cream... i started laughing a little bit (now that i had an idea of what was going on) and they both turned to me, befuddled by chuckle, and they started to discuss these smartie things on ice cream. i had to tell them... for in the dark is a bad place to live... that these smarties were not some small compressed sugar candy in plastic wrapping, but indeed a chocolate treat of the northern country ;) anyway, that is my fun canada story for the day. today my parents dropped me off (sshhh... i'm not really supposed to be here yet ;) at my dorm and now i am just working on getting everything moved in ;) tomarrow is registration and classes start in two days... eekk... need to get a few more books yet ;) oh well, it is truly goodto be back! and here is to hoping for a great year!

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Thursday, September 02, 2004

leaving the country... again!!! ;)

i'm off, off for another adventure... a.k.a my sophmore year of college ;) i am leaving tommarow morning (aaahh) and lets just say that you cant even see the floor of my room yet. i have a lot of work to do. oh well though, it shall get done (most likely later rather than sooner;).

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