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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

with a smile on his face :).... and today a smile on mine!

my brother is had surgery yesterday. anyway, true with his spirit, he was smiling this morning and holding pooh, who has been with him for every majoy surgery.

surgery went well... a little bit longer then they expected but it went very well. i just got an e-mail from my dad and chris is doing ok... he woke up and was pretty sick from the anesthetics and in quite a bit of pain, but all things considered he is doing well.


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Monday, February 21, 2005


from the name generators (ok, so i know they are kind a waste of time and serve no super important purpose... but they are so fun!)
taken from http://www.chriswetherell.com

if i were a hobbit my name would be: sweatpea loamsdown

if i were an elf my name would be: finduilas ancalĂ­mon

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Saturday, February 19, 2005

skiing anyone?

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Thursday, February 17, 2005

not quite dead yet...

wow... time flies! and all of a sudden it is february 17 and my blog has been inactive since mid-january. for my abysmal posting record in the recent past, i am sorry! and i will try to improve on the frequency of my blogging in the next few weeks! (here's to hoping that once i get back to ruc the internet will be up, allowing me to post) anyway, while my blog has been silent, life has been quite busy, and while i could go on for quite a while... i will just sumarize the highlights, for going on in excrutiating detail while writting is one of the doornbos family traits that i have most definitly inherited. so here goes :)

worship symoposium at calvin with the church in the box and chapel team- awesome, learned a lot and had a ton of fun!

oucf (ontario university choral festival)- much more fun the i expected it to be! i even enjoyed the banquete :) althoguh i still wish that we could have had more time to prepare the repertioure, but hey, what can you do :)

tobboganing in toronto-so incredibly enjoyable! a thanks goes out to felix and laura for convincing me to go :) it was a much needed trip after a week of mid-terms papers and general busyness, plus how much do i love sledding!

choir tour- a blast once again! even if it was altogether to short... i thoroughly enjoyed it, and i am looking forward t0 10 glorious days in bc next year! and i suspect that i will be posting more about the trip in future blogs... but that is where i will leave it... for now :)

anyway, now i am at home enjoying the remaining days of reading break... and hopefully recovering some of the lost sleep of the last few weeks:)

the rest of this blog will be brought to you by the number 2
2- the number of awards i have recieved on choir tours that required me to dance as a punishment... but as a bonus i am now the proud recipiant of best dancing alto... two years running :)
2- the number of times that i have had to chase my cat downstairs today (he's not allowed upstairs... i should really work on remember to close the door when i come up here)
2- the amount of types of coffee i mixed together this morning (mmmm... french vanilla and caramel cream together tastes wonderful!)
2- how many greek lessons i have to do before monday... eeekk
2- the amount of caffinated beverages i have had today (coffee and tea [half of which i spilled on the floor... oh dear ;)])
2- the amount of time i set my tortilla on fire today while heating it over the pilot light stove (don't worry... i blew it out both times and it still tasted wonderful!)
2- the number of tones i am convinced we dropped in beati at our concert in chatam (well maybe not that many... but that "a" at the end that the alto's sing was a stretch for my voice ;)
2- half hours before we got out for dinner (i love coming home! :)
2- types of dutch pepermints... wilhemina and king... oh how i love them both!
2- the vowels a and o, when inserted into wnder for them words wonder and wander... i just learned how to spell these two words today
2- also related to spelling, there are 2 sets of double "ss" in the word assess, i made an unfortunate spelling error on my latest historiography report relating to the s' in that word (insert embarasement here)
2- the amount of times that i have typed up this blog (i hope it goes through this time!:)

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