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Friday, August 27, 2004

a new doornbos soccer player, crowns, and off for the weekend

wahoo, that is the first thing that i must say, and i say this for many reasons... a. today was my final day of work for the summer (how great is that!) b. the us women's soccer team won the gold medal, c. also related to soccer, my brother joined a special olympics soccer team and is loving it... hurray for him! we are going to go and play tonight, just passing the ball around together, how excited am i! and c. i'm going to wheaton tomarow ;) the only dissapointing news, which looks exciting in the title is that i have to get a crown put on one of my teeth next week and get 2 fillings... yuck i dislike going to the dentist!

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Sunday, August 22, 2004

mmmm... how much do i love weekends! ;)

ahh, the wonderful beauty of sleeping in, getting double digits in the sleep catagory, and just having time to relax and read/do all the projects that i have strewn about the house (those of you in dorm 15 last year, you know what i am talking about ;) anyway, life has been good this weekend, took a trip to rbc (reformed bible college) hung out with both sets of grandparents, and went to lunch at our super fun worship leader's house. good stuff. to bad i have to be at work tomarrow morning at 8:00... but only one more week to go before i'm done with work for the summer ;)

and a thought from c.s. lewis from the problem of pain
"lay down this book and reflect for five minutes on the fact that all the great religions were first preached and long practiced in a world without cloroform."

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Thursday, August 19, 2004


today i took place in my first ever national survey. interesting and exciting all at the same time ;) although some of the questions were a bit odd... like which of the presidential canidate's wives would you rather have as your mother... but other than that one (and just a few more that were strange) i answered a ton of questions about health care and about who i would vote for in the next election... good question! anyway, other than that the day was filled with work, where i stacked many a bar towel and made up many a story to pass the time. now i rest my swollen feet and watch the olympics with my family ;) and since i couldnt decide what olympic event that i would want to do... i thought today that i would be the first one to compete in three different events, gymnastics, soccer, and swimming. that was all that i could narrow it down to... and then there is the winter olympics... hmmm.... jk ;)

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Monday, August 16, 2004

back to work, confession, and a question

today was my first day back to work... have to admit not my favourite... but it does make me a bit excited for school to start. there are some new people at work too, so that is fun, and here's to hoping that my cousin will be there tomarrow... and mabey some other english speakers. anyway, so here is my slight confession... i really really love watching the olympic games! i dont know why they draw me in so much but i just love them! they are just so exciting to watch, and there is such a huge diversity of sports. even the endless human interest stories that nbc pumps out cant make me stop watching. anyway, i just love watching! and so here is the question of the night... if you could be in any olympic event what would it be?

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Friday, August 13, 2004

third year?

what do you think?...
corses... bsi year abroad program

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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

a little visual of the journey God has lead me on ;)

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thirty hour thursday

wow it has truly been forever (if forever is a month) and a day since i updated. i must apologize for my lack of keeping up, but i do have the slight excuss of only having limited internet access for the last month... ie i could only check my e-mail. i am home now though safe and sound, but a bit on the tired side. i arrived home on thursday evening/ more friday morning after having traveled for more 25 hours on a day that lasted for 30. i decided though that the fact that one day lasted for 30 hours is kind of cool... even cooler that it alliterates (is that a word!?) with the word thursday. on the flight across the ocean i sat by cathlic seminarians, it was really interesting to sit by them. we exchanged trip stories (they had been in africa for 5 weeks)... always fun!... and then talked a bit about the difference between cathlic seminaries and well calvin seminary (i didnt think i really had any really good knowledge on other seminaries around, so i had to keep it just with calvin) i had a lot of fun talking to them . i also watched a movie (alright i admit it, it wasnt just one, it was 2 and a half) for the first time in 2 months. i enjoyed them, they werent the best, but in my tired state i couldnt really make out the words of the book that i was reading, so movies were a good alternative. on my flight to gr, i sat by a plastic salesmen, and decided that while he likes his job, selling plastic is not my calling! upon arrivial i recieved a gigantic hug from my brother... always wonderful, and reunited with my family. since being home i have just been relaxing and not doing much of anything, which has been nice, but i have to admit that i really really miss eastern europe and especailly my teammates.

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