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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

the life and times of the first room on the right of dorm 201

there comes a time when there is far to much work and far to little sleep, my wonderful roommate and i have reached that time... but being the professional procrastinaters that we are... we have discovered some very wonderful and fun things in the past few days.

1. if you throw poster puddy at the wall it will not stick no matter how hard you throw it, but it does make a pretty cool noise

2. chair surfing is a fun activity

3. my new electric toothbrush is one of the coolest things ever (it is bright green and i love it!)

4. kimber has now put up an nra sticker, a bandana with a skull on it, a ranch sign, and pictures of guns up on the wall. ok... this is not really a discovery, but really... its scary, she is lucky that i like her so much.... otherwise it could be really scary to room with her ;)

5. we need more sleep and less caffine

6. kimber can both sleep through her alarm and turn her alarm off in her sleep (quite an amazing thing if you ask me :)

7. finding things is always harder after you clean...before they used to be conveniently placed on the floor but now the "well placed item" takes forever to find!

8. time flies when you are procastinating... in fact sometimes you dont believe the clock

9. msn + redeemer is never a good thing... ok so this is nothing new but i am trying to use the thing right now and all i can say is gggrrrrrrr

10. i get distracted easily

11. we need more sleep and less caffine

12. i have a wonderful roommate! i am so thankful for her (also not a new discovery, but i just thought that i would add it ;)

oh and i have been asked to put this up so... here it is... i hope this doesnt come back to haunt me someday...

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Monday, October 18, 2004

the newly discovered wonders/ dangers of photo shop

this weekend, my lovly roomate, kimber, and i decided to make a birthday card for a mutual friend. being children of the computer age, we thought it would be a wonderful idea to make the cards on our computers and then send two (one that we each made) cards to our friend. i made us into muppets (well actually i just cropped our heads and put our heads on muppet bodies)... kimber made us into raging alcoholics trying to stab eachother. the only unfortunate thing about her talent with photo shop is that the new picture looks incredibly real (although if you look closly, i have a beard in the new picture). i'm not quite sure how i feel about a. the picture being circulated and b. my new facial hair. anyway, enough procrastinating...it is what i have been doing all weekend, and now i do actually have to get to work... off to study for EXPO! (ah grammer how terrible you are ;)

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

and the last one finally caves to the pressure

i would like to welcome my last and final dormmate to get a blog :) yes that is right, now all 6 of us in dorm 201 have a blog. i love it! :) so welcome jo, enjoy the bloging world!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

theories relating to my exhastion today

please note... nothing is to be taken seriously

a. i got more than 8 hours of sleep 3 nights in a row... as opposed to my usuall 4-7

b. i am sleep walking... not sure about this i'll have to check with my roommate kimber

c. kimber sleep walks and beats me up while i sleep (this was not my idea, i dont how that would make me tired... because if kimber was beating me up i would most likly wake up and send her back to bed)

d. i didnt do any homework this weekend and now my brain does not know how to start up again

e. i'm getting sick

f. the death metal coming from the living room

g. i have been getting up and making my room a mess (along with the rest of the dorm... and you all thought that i did this during the day) in my sleep.

anyway, getting up this morning was less than easy, but i'm up and it has been a good day. my new theory is to always continue to not sleep and that way i'll never enter "shut down phase" which is what i'm quite sure i went into this weekend (you know, when you finally relax and do nothing and you literally crash). but tomarrow i should be well on my way to having a bit more energy.

and here's a little thing from the what will they think of next catagory...
the amen game
Ages 8 and up. 2+ players.
Amen is one of the best-selling Christian card game on the market. Your family, youth group or fellowship, no matter what the age, will have fun with this game for hours! The object is to be the first player to get rid of all of their cards. What makes this game so exciting is the action associated with the various cards.
For example:
Devil Card: Causes the next player to pull 4 cards from the deck.
Sin Card: Causes the next player to pull 3 cards from the deck.
Grace Card: Cancels out the Devil and the Sin cards.
Blessing Card: Gives the player an additional turn
Prayer Card: Changes the direction of play and cancels the Devil and Sin cards.
Amen Card: Played after the Prayer card by the quickest player no matter whose turn it is. Gives the player an additional turn. Also played at the end of the game for extra points.

Other cards are the "Ask" card, the "Temptation" card, and the "Trial" card each of which adds even more excitement to the game. The game also includes an assortment of colorful numeric cards each containing a scripture verse.After a couple of rounds you will be hooked on AMEN!!!

This game is an excellent seed-planting alternative to secular card games.

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Friday, October 08, 2004


in light of recieving my exam schedual, here is a reading found in my prose models book :)

the exam room by vladimir nabokov
for some reason my most vivid memories concern examinations. big amphithearer in goldwin smith. exam from 8:00 am to 10:30. about 150 students-unwashed, unshaven young males and reasonably well-groomed young females. a general sense of tedium and disaster. half-past eight. little coughs, the clearing of nervous throats, coming in clusers of sound, rustling of pages. some of the martyrs plunged in meditation, their arms locked behind their heads. i meet a dull gaze directed at me, seeing in me with hope and hate the sorce of forbidden knowledge. girl in glasses comes up to my desk to ask, "professor kafka, do you us to say that...? or do you want us to answer on the first part of the question?" the great ffaternity of c-minus, backbone of the nation, steadily scribblingon. a rustle arising simultaneously, the majority turning a page in their bluebooks, good teamwork. the shaking of a cramped wrist, the failing ink, the deodorant that breaks down. when i catch eyes directed at me, they are forthwith raised to the ciling in pious meditation. windowpanes getting misty. boys peeling off sweaters. girls chewing gum in rapid cadence. ten minutes, five, three, time's up

anyway, today i am leaving for home, and i cant wait to see my family! have a great weekend and a happy thanksgiving to all!

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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

messiah score + baught = me incredibly excited

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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

multiple choice

oh multiple choice the bane of my existance (along with spelling... oh dear spelling how bad am i at it :) i completly uderstand why teachers give multiple choice tests, and to be honest if i was a teacher i would probably use multiple choice as well, especailly with larger class sizes (that and if my school had a scantron machine, i would have to give multiple choice simply becuase running tests through the machine is just so fun... i did this many times in my life as a ta in high school... mmm good memories) but, anyway, i just hate taking multiple choice tests. i would much perfere essays over anything else. i know that i am slightly weird in this catagory, but that is the truth, and i just had to get my slight bit of complaining out about mulitiple choice tests becuase i just loathe them so much. anyway, that out of the way... life is good :)

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Sunday, October 03, 2004

one half of a blazingly white wall covered :)

i must apologize for my abizmal blogging in the last few weeks... for i have just not been on top of the whole blogging thing as of late... but i am back after an 8 day absence (i think that is how long it has been... just a sec, actually if you dont count today only 7, thank you finding nemo calander, you have proved yourself useful once again :)... back hopefully to do a better job of updating on a regular basis ;) that said i have decided that i am definitly enjoying being back at ruc, enjoying most of my classes, even greek class (although if we dont slow down i might have a mental breakdown around... mmm... this week :) after all we are 3 weeks ahead of where we are supposed to be. this past friday i was among the many students who attended prof. bartholomew's inogeration address and i must say that i thourally enjoyed it. the refreshments afterwards were also quite good :) the only downer for the whole evening is well i have the incredible tendancy to be underdressed for every occation that i attend, and this usually does not bother me in the least, but i was definitly in overalls that i had been painting in all day long. looking back on the whole thing now i dont know why i didnt think to myself, "gayle there is black paint all over your paints, you should change this could be a fancy event." but oh well, no harm done and i am so glad that i went... plus it is just one of those opertunities i love to provide for myself and a few other to laugh (which is great because i have to say that i am an adament believer in laughing! gotta love it! :) yesterday i accomplished the task of covering one half of my blazingly white wall with various paintings and posters... hopefully by april i will have the whole thing covered and there will be blazing white no more ;).

the other day, a very wonderful person drove a friend and i back from meadow lands were we had roller-bladed to buy some much needed snack foods ;) anyway, on the way back we started talking about the foods that you werent allowed to have when you were a child, but now love because of the very fact that they were once forbiden... since this talk i havent been able to get nutty bars out of my head. yum, they are so good! and definitly not so allowed ;)

and last but certianly not least... a little kuyper:
"When principles that run against your deepest convictions begin to win the day, then battle is your calling, and peace has become sin; you must, at the price of dearest peace, lay your convictions bare before friend and enemy, with all the fire of your faith."

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