lower case g

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


so i usually dont like to use my blog for updates in teh live of me... but internet is expensive and time is running out for this session... so instead of e-mails this will have to do... i apologize to all. so the quick update is that today i hiked up massada! so much fun. herod was both insane and a genius (that is what i learned from this trip up a very steep and tiring mountain. thewe went to en gedi and i jumped in the water and stuck my head under a waterfall... and after that we went to qumran to see the caves where the dead sea scrolls were found. and to top the day off i floated in teh dead sea... not to shabby if i must say so myself. well that is about all the time that i have for now... i am loving it here and in the future days i hope to post some pictures :) so shalom from jerusalem

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