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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Strategies for the avoidance of tickle attacks

when one enters into a room or situation in which tickling might occur, one must be aware of the strategies available for the avoidance of the aforementioned possible (and likely inevitable) attack of what some call tickling. due to this common situation, i have taken the liberty of compiling a list to aid those of us who find themselves the subject of these frequent attacks.

1. locate and stand next to something that appears sharp and or dangerous. this will hopefully stop the tickler from attacking because they fear for your safety. a note of caution must come with this piece of advice: one must make sure that the tickler is ultimately concerned for your overall well-being, thus taking into account the close proximity of such an obviously dangerous object before they begin their assault.

2. hot liquids such as coffee, tea, and soup, if held, can prove to be an extraordinary practical way to avoid tickling attacks. the overwhelming probabitity of steaming hot liquid being spilt is enough to keep even the most prolific ticklers at a distance.

3. holding expensive objects will also aid in evading tickling, particularly the holding of the potential tickler. although, here the author must say that she in no ways condones this action, she merely admits the likelihood of it working to the advantage of the sufferer of tickle attacks.

4. run.

5. acquire a terrible disease of some sort that will render one immobile and therefore deter the tickler. a note of caution must again be offered: before using this strategy, (a) one must make the tickler aware of the sickness, and (b) one must be certain that the tickler will maintain the strict code to not tickle a sick person.

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Friday, September 23, 2005

to a wonderful housemate of two years...


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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

memories from eastern europe...

just a fun picture that i found while searching through my pictures file :)

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Monday, September 19, 2005

dentists are a wonderful thing (but aviod them if possible)

so my mouth is back to normal after an emergency cavity filling session on saterday morning... and a bit of tylonol 3's to help me sleep on friday night. thank goodness for dentists and the work that they do.

in other news... jo sqeezed a tim horton's butter cup today... it exploded all over her... i was funny and then i helped her get butter out of her hair.

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Friday, September 16, 2005

a letter to my head...

dear head, there are several things that i think you could improve on in the next day
1. in the area of the nose... breathing would be a wonderful thing, if you could get that up and running again that would be most excellent
2. in the area of the throat... swallowing is something done on a regular basis, a pain free swallowing experience would be a pleasent change
3. in the area of the ears... nothing is wrong, but being prone to ear infections (ever since i was 6 months old and went camping and the tent flooded and i got a cold), i must ask for you to stay at the status quo
4. in the area of the mouth, particularly the upper-left hand side... please heal the cavity that is causing constant pain.
5. in the area behind my eyes... please stop throbbing

all of this would be much appreciated!

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Thursday, September 08, 2005

pink to red- thank goodness

life lesson 1111 (the number has no significance beside the fact that i like the number 1 and in 1111 there are 4 of them):
-in case anyone ever really thought that red walls were cool (to which i would agree, given the right decorations and depending of hte colour of the red being used) and wanted to paint them that colour- i recomend thinking twice or getting someone experienced in painting to do it for you. for in the past few days i have learned that red paint is entirly unforgiving. after priming in a very bright pink and then painting 3-4 coats of this red paint... there are still some very very uneven parts. anyway... the painting is now done and everything is looking much better... even if it took many hours and coats of paint to get there :) i have also successfully found my floor and my bed from underneath all the boxes and suitcases. oh how wonderful dry painted walls are and how imprortant they become when wanting to unpacking.

life lesson 1112 (again no significance in the number... just that it follows 1111)- never i repete never stop doing greek for an entire summerwhen you have to take the class again in the fall. if you can't find me i will be somewhere under the 2 binders and 5 books that i am using to try and review and do my work right now.

life lesson 1113- lamps are underrated

life lesson 1114- clean the cracks in your fridge with a knife at least a few times a year... everyone forgets about the cracks... and that is just no good.

life lesson 1115- a neat and organized book shelf is one of the most wonderful things ever (even better when alphabatized :)

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