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Thursday, February 23, 2006

daryl tagged me

Four Jobs I have had:
summer janitor at zeeland christian school
stacker of bar towels and folder of blankets at valley city linen
fill in with random jobs at evergreen ministries
housekeeping staff redeemer university college 2005

Four movies I could watch over and over
Lord of the Rings (counting all three as one... even though that might be cheating)
the shawshank redemption
singing in the rain
chariots of fire

Four books I could read over and over
the Bible :)
community and growth (vanier)
chronicles of narnia (again, 7 in 1, they have them all together in one book now too, so maybe this isnt as much of a cheat as lord of the rings)
fear and trembling

Places I have lived
grand rapids, michigan
rehoboth, new mexico
hudsonville, michigan
zeeland, michigan
ancaster, ontario
hamilton, ontario

Four Places I've been on Vacation
washinton dc

Four Websites I visit daily

Four favorite foods
ice cream- particularly flurries :)
any kind of soup
trail mix
salsa :) goes well on just about anything :) (there are some foods that it should not go on though, for those of you who know me well... i do draw a line for some foods :)

Four Favorite Beers
i dont drink... so i cant really answer...

Four favorite non-alcoholic drinks
coffee- very dark and without milk or sugar
grape juice
smoothies :)

Four favorite musicians
caedmon's call
jack johnson
mozart (debating between mozart and bach... but it's the year of mozart so he wins for my list- plus i have been listening to mozart's requiem all day... wonderful :):)
jars of clay

Four places I'd rather be right now
backpacking in colorado (although maybe right now i would rather be skiing in colorado... it's a bit cold for the summer backpacking i would want to be doing...)
water skiing
somewhere very exciting in europe
somewhere warmer then 15 degrees

Last 4 books I have read:
the orthodox way- graham ware
christianity: a short global history- ?
real sex- laren winner
joint declaration on the doctrine of justification- the lutheran world federation and the roman catholic church

Last 4 movies I have seen
the constant gardener
um... and then i cant remember at all...

What's on my dest right now?
i have absolutly no idea because i am sitting in a chair in zeeland and my desk is 5 hours away in hamilton. if i would have to guess i would say: pens, a cup, a rock, pictures, an empty monzanita sol bottle, a metal chewbaca, a pez dispenser ewok, and the letter r (my high school letter from rehoboth)

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

home for a rest

time seems to fly by faster and faster these days. it's already mid february and i am coming ever closer to the end of my third year. for now i am at home for a rest, and it is wonderful. the snow is falling outside, and i'm watching it softly fall in the street light that i can see out my window (that looks onto the most asthetically pleasing parking lot [hints of sarcasm]). it is cold here though. the heat in my house right now is set for a chilling 15 degress, but i am managing because seeing my family has been wonderful. i have also been blessed with the company of some very old and dear friends. and i plan to eat all the wonderful cooking that my parents have done- oh to not cook food for yourself- a treat that is only appreciated once you have to make supper for yourself every night :)

and so i am glad for home. and the gifts of rest and relaxation.

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