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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

maneuvering through one final road block...

and so it is down to one last thing... a history of missions exam tomorrow night at 7... and then the adventures begin.
friday the choir departs for what is looking to be a wonderful tour to british columbia and the northwestern us.... i am hoping for sunshine the whole time even though the region doesnt always comply with such hopes.

on may 17th i arrive back in hamilton... for a breif stay and last minute packing up of the room that has been my home for the last 8 months.

on may 18th i say goodbye to hamilton for the summer and drive back to michigan... for another short visit

may 20th... i leave for two and a half months in israel.

oh REL 234 (history of missions) i do want you to be done so that summer can commense.

p.s. blogging may be sparce for a while... i am hoping that there will be some internet access on tour and in israel, but i'm not sure about the availability. until later... :)

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Deadly, Offensive, Orphan-Reaping Nightmare from the Burning Ominous Sanctuary

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

this makes me smile...

reformed bible college just changed its name to kuyper college...
sweet! http://www.kuyper.edu/

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

cheers to the beautiful days...

to frisbee in the quad,
to bike riding,
to walking to licks for ice cream
to sunburns and hair that gets white in the sun
to procrastination
to not wanting to study :)

oh exams how i long for you to be done... so that there would not be the threat of needing to study over my head...

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

random reflections from the world of respit...

april has sprung upon me and is now half over, which i find hard to believe but with the middle of april comes a much anticipated journey home. i always enjoy the time i am able to spend at home... this time has been particularly enjoyable.

-on thursday i awoke to an empty house (the residents vacated to their various places of occupation or institutions of education), so i decided to make coffee, eat waffles, and read the local newspaper... on the front page was an interesting story about zeeland (the town which i come to when i visit my home). zeeland, besides being a dutch haven, is a dry town... meaning that the selling/buying of alcohol is forbidden. zeeland has been this way for a long time and they are now trying to change that. however, there is an ordinance that dissallows the selling of alchohol within 500 ft of a church or a school. therefore, even if the law was changed, the entirity of downtown zeeland could not sell alchohol due to the vast number of churches in the downtown area. i thought this was humourous and i'm interested in seeing how the whole thing turns out.

-also on thursdaywhile visiting the illustrious zeeland museum, i discovered that zeeland used to have a saloon... in 1901, when the liquere liscense ran out, it was not renewed. i also learned in a lovely chat with the ladies who ran the museum that 60 years ago there were only 5 non-dutch families in zeeland. becuase of their non-dutch affiliations they were not always welcomed into the community, so they started a club called "the america club" there was also an italian catholic who sold news papers on sunday. much complaining was done about this... but everyone bought papers from him on sundays anyway... oh zeeland... how ironic you sometimes are...

-sandles with the name chacho are very cool... and very comfortable

-friday, realized that i do indeed still have the talent of sleeping in... opps....

-also friday, my mom spilled two full glasses of water in one dinning experience

-and friday again... discovered that i am entirly unmotivated to do any of the rest of my school work... my brain has shut down and i think that i'll just ignore the work that looms on the floor next to me

-saturday- goodbye nine inches... you may or may not be missed.

-saturday- 4 trips to downtown holland in 2 days... i'm addicted to outdoors stores... and yes, i might have bought another backpack... oh dear... i'm a hopless case when it comes to backpacks...

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

dona nobis pacem- a request for prayers

this past sunday 5 rehoboth students were on their way to santa fe and were in a serious car accident. one of the girls was killed, and 2 remain in the hospital undergoing sugery and rehibilitation. please pray for the community, it is a small one and things like this hit it deeply.

-thank you.

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

from the april issue of the banner


New Denomination Seeks Affiliation

A small church denomination based in Kalamazoo, Mich., is seeking denominational unity with the Christian Reformed Church in North America. Believers of Grace—U.S. has about 200 congregations.

Rev. George Regen, moderator of Believers of Grace, explained that his denomination has always admired the Christian Reformed Church’s stance on social issues and is particularly delighted with the report of the synodical committee on war and peace that’s coming to Synod 2006.

Regen wrote to the CRC’s Interchurch Relations Committee to open talks on denominational unity. He cautioned that there are still several hurdles to overcome, particularly differences in the respective denominations’ understanding of Canons of Dort III/IV, Article 12 (“Regeneration a Supernatural Work”).

Rev. Ben DeRoels, chair of the IRC, is enthusiastic about the possible merger. “For the sake of unity, we need to show some flexibility in our doctrines,” he said.

DeRoels said the IRC is fast-tracking talks with the other denomination so that the possible merger will make it onto the agenda of Synod 2006 in June.

by Ima Lyon

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