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Monday, January 28, 2008

proof that no matter where i go...

i will never escape the tendency to burn myself

michigan burn count: 2 (run in with the toaster oven and a cup of boiling water for tea which i spilled on myself at work)

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

this zeeland life: part 4...the expedition through zeeland

step 1 of expedition: getting ready to brave the snow....

my time in seattle gave me a new appreciation for snow. even though i still want spring to come tomorrow, i missed seeing the world made white... my time in seattle also taught me the valuable lesson of layering...

my brother helped me record the first layer that would protect me from frostbite

fleece and finally ready to go!

step 2 of expedition: go outside into the snow storm

chris came too!!!

step 3 of expedition: take in the immediate surroundings

our mailbox from whence fun things sometimes come (insert shameless plug for sending me mail here) and our house... looking very wintery!

step 4 of expedition: go somewhere... in this case... 1 kilometer to downtown zeeland

entering downtown...

the zeeland clocks

and sadly...

the new zeeland branding campain
(zeeland has started a new campain to get people to come visit... "feel the zeel" ?! what!? i am so embarrassed by the choice and the amount of these banners hanging around town)

more of downtown, including a stop at one of zeeland's million or so churches

step 5 of expedition: make your way back home and enjoy something warm!

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

this zeeland life: part 3... civic duty

this week i exercised my civic duty... for the first time without an absentee ballot. it was fun!!! even though my candidate did not win the michigan primary.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

this zeeland life: part 2... habitat(a)

at 10'clock... my room looked like this. now i know that for those of you who have seen my room before... this is not a huge shock, i have been known to be a bit of a messy person at times... for those of you who didnt know--suprise!-- it was only a matter of time before you found out. however, this mess was a bit worse then my other ones because all of my belongings in the world were contained in this 10x10 room... all my books, cloths, and other random items were strewn across the floor or in bins and boxes that had to be unpacked and reorganized... so my day begun

step 1: find a way into the room and make a small patch of floor for myself

around dinner time (which was 4:30 because i desperately needed an excuse to get out of my room)... my room looked like this... note that the floor is showing!!!! however, the depressing part of the day was realizing that after that much work i did take a break to go out for lunch with my brother... so at least it wasn't a full 6 1/2 hours of work to get the place to this state) ... my room still looked like a horrid mess

step 2: find a place for all the things that have no place and throw away about 7 cardboard boxes which used to store all those things with no place

because of my extreme dislike of cleaning i had to make the day a little bit fun... mostly i tried to get excited when i found things that i have not seen in a long time...

amanda! i found your mit--- however, i still think that the other one is lost (not by me) to ontario forever... but if you have found the other mit in your moves... it is waiting for you in zeeland

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this zeeland life: part 2... habitat (b)

after dinner i kept persevering... the result was that around 7 o'clock my room looked like this!


i even organized my closet! sorry there is no "before picture" as my closet had become a storing location for my family and was filled with too many things to get a "before shot" 

i was extremely elated at my accomplishment. i found the floor! and i organized!!!

yet altogether, the day left me feeling like this: 

and it left me with projects for another day. for there are still a few problems in my habitat

problem 1: i own more books now then i did when i was 16 (the last time i lived in my room)... these are my bookselves... and those 3 blue bins in the picture at the beginning of this post are filled with books as well... oh and i have already brought three boxes and a backpack full to work to store there :S

problem 2: my room has become a storage space for all of the old startrek shows my family owns as well as my brother's ever growing dvd collection... my goal is to regain this wall in the next few weeks... but we'll see :) 

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

this zeeland life: part 1. people

welcome to "this zeeland life part one: people" 
now that i have made the move across the country (for the 2nd time in 4 months), survived 7 parties in 7 days (christmases, new years, and birthdays), and spent over 20 hours in a car over that same 7 day/7 party period... i am back in the land of zeeland and hoping to be blogging more regularly (how many times have i said that!?) anyway... i thought i should introduce you to my new life

SO.. first and formost... introducing those with whom i spend a lot of time with these days

first... my mom (linda) ... who is addicted to tostidos (which is nice... because that means we are always stocked with salsa and chips!!!

my dad (larry)... i guess this could prove that the apple does not fall far from the tree 

my brother (chris) who also likes taking self portraits with the camera... in this one i think he is trying to be serious...

the little dog... with the very little brain whose name is nemi 

star--the one we call "the real dog" 

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